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1 comment is a nice service, but they make it pretty much impossible to cancel and their customer service is worthless. You have to go through this multi-step cancelation process and heaven help you if you try to cancel after your renewal date. They have to "go to management" to get approval to only bill you for what you used. Really??

Any company that thinks its ok to charge for services not rendered and makes it impossible to quit is not worth doing business with. Worse when they have their customer services tee'd up to shovel up the BS I just heard. I strongly recommend you consider ACT or another product which provides all the capability and none of the BS. Its also totally portable. To bad Salesforce put greed in front of common sense business.

Monetary Loss: $314.

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Am still on home after 45 minutes with the overseas geniuses at the Indian support facility: they don't know how to set up a new username on an account. Totally inept.

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